Snake women photo manipulation Photoshop Tutorials

  Snake women manipulation This photo manipulation tutorial is simple to follow and will give you nice techniques and results. We’ll be using simple techniques to create mysterious skin. There will also be some simple coloring techniques as well as some textures used. Tutorial resources 1-model wallpaper 2-Background texture 3-circle image 4-snake image 5-snake leather texture 6-cracks texture 7-abstract brushes 8-feather brushes 9- Orichimaru eye 10-raven image Let’s get...

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Fashion Style Effect Photoshop Tutorials

Fashion Style Effect In this tutorial I will show you how to make Fashion Style Effect on images , there is nothing complicated , Just modifying color tones , contrast , sharpen ……etc . Let’s Get Started….. 1- At first i used this beautiful girl as an example , you can use any image you want with modifying setting to suitable for other images . 2-Changing...

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one click photo effect Photoshop Tutorials

One-Click photoshop effect I think you didn’t know that you can perform one-click color effects to your images , It is very easy to do with Color Lookup Adjustment Layer. I did some  effects in this girl . It’s easy to make away from complicated steps and any photoshop beginner can perform this short tutorial by following these steps . Tutorial image Go to layer > New Adjustment Layer >...

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10 Photoshop tips speed up workflow Photoshop articles

1-Fill with scripted patterns Photoshop presents a new pattern fill option depending on a script , you can find it in photoshop cs6 versions and above. First isolate an object on a transparent background and define it as a pattern from Edit>Define Pattern . After that, access the fill command as you generally would from Edit>Fill or use shortcut Shift+F5. Select Pattern as the fill...

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Vintage effect in photoshop Photoshop Tutorials

Vintage effect in photoshop   In this tutorial I will show you how to apply awesome vintage effect in Photoshop. We’re going to use image adjustments, adjustment layers and layer styles to perform the vintage effect on an image so that we can keep our work easily editable. vintage effect preview Let’s Get Started….. step 1 Open our   inside your photoshop , in my case I cropped the image...

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